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Our Processes



Designing and fabricating metal work is both an art and a science.  At Alex's studio, the process is never boring! From an inspiration board to multiple sketchings, we build our first drafts. After creating the first prototypes, we go through a series of evaluations and adjustments until we are happy with the final designs. We make sure we got the design and function nailed before our pieces get to our customers.  

"I have really come to love my sketchbook!  A dear friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful way of capturing my own process in paper! It is like a jeweler's journal. I have the freedom to draw whatever designs come to mind, and for the first time I get to see my ideas outside of my own thoughts. Oh yes... I am still afraid of messing up the pages, but I am getting better at it. :) Besides, it is a way of manifesting your goals... your next steps... your collections!" 

A page from the sketchbook:

"From here, it is time to gather the materials and build my prototypes. Being the tactile and visual person I am, I need to bring it from paper to a 3-D piece I can touch, feel and manipulate. This is a critical part of the design process, as what looks good on paper doesn't always translate into the look and feel I want." 

Working on rings:


Hand making jump rings for chains and various uses:

Prototypes coming along:

Experimenting with texture techniques:

The prototype scrap pile (and future inspiration!) :