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Let's Talk Tools!

“I like to joke that being a metalsmith is just an excuse to surround myself with tools.  Being in the studio with the tools of the trade is a complete joy for me. Taking hammer to metal to bring the design ideas from my head into solid form is a realization of purpose while embracing a kid-like playfulness.”

The flea-find magazine rack displaying my hammer collection right next to my stump:

Pliers, pliers and more pliers!


"My studio is populated with modern tools as well as tools from the past.  Given the choice, I prefer an experienced tool over a new one. When a tool has history, it gives me inspiration and courage to push myself over boundaries.  I draw from those who have used it before me, whose hands have polished the handles, whose ears have rung with thousands of hammer strikes and it becomes part of the journey, part of the story of the piece I create."

The small file stand and the little tips and wheels to use with the flex shaft:


"One of my favorites is my hand powered rolling mill.  I found it neglected and rusty behind stacks of boxes at a garage sale.  It was love at first sight, I knew I had to have it!!  Over the course of a week I dismantled it, removed all of the rust, cleaned every piece, reassembled and recalibrated it.  I get such satisfaction every time I turn the crank to roll a piece through. :)"

Punches and stamps and other tools for creating textures:


My vises...  and vices!! :) These are only two... but I definitely have a thing for vises!

Look closely at the front of the box in this picture below.  Is that a doorknob being repurposed as a tool?  Ha ha, yes!  How's that for a tool that has seen a lot of hands! :)