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Making a Suggestion

There is so much activity in the Alex a Mano studio that it makes my head spin!  Ha ha, well, you know what I mean :)  The designs are developing, the saw is moving up and down, the hammers are ringing and I ... am trying to stay out of the way!

Sometimes I find it difficult to wait and I get a little suggestive with Alex.  Do you think this is too much?

Peg Womannequin with a sign reading Alex, please make me some jewelry

Ooops, I am not so sure that suggestion was well received by the boss. :)

Peg Womannequin with a turquoise bucket on her head

I thought this one was a little more in keeping with my role as mascot.

Peg Womannequin with a sign reading Is it 10/10 yet?

Yay!  This suggestion got a "Nice job Peg. That's keeping your head, well ... your peg, in the game." 

Let me know if you have any "suggestions" you want me to pass on to Alex!  

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